About me

Adrian J M Stevenson, b 1950

I am a researcher of family and local history, based near Dublin, Ireland.

In a previous job (working for a local authority), I was required to research certain rather arcane legal matters - this involved the searching of public and other archives, in order to ferret out those vital details which stubbornly try to remain hidden.  I was also involved in the design, implementation and maintenance of databases to record all the information we had found.

I returned to live in Ireland after an absence of many years.  I found that there was much interest in family history in Ireland, so there seemed to be an opportunity for me to apply my research and information skills to some advantage, both to myself and to the wider community.

I have now retired, and no longer accept commissions for research.

On the Information pages I have listed family-history information from various sources.

On other pages you will find useful Forms to help you summarise what you discover about your family.

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This page was last updated 24 Nov 2021