Zion Chapel, Kings Inns Street, Dublin, Ireland

A page from the Register of Baptisms and Marriages (CR/7/4A/1 at PRONI).


Baptism of the first four children of John Grange Manly and Sarah Rebecca Manly:

1. Sarah Rebecca, born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, December 22 1846, and baptized in the same place, February 21 1847 by the Rev John Mearns

2. Mary Betly, born in Spanish Town, Jamaica, November 5 1848, baptized in the same place, January 28 1849, by the Rev Henry Blaine Foster

3. John Grange, born at Mount Fletcher, parish (and mountains) of Port Royal, Jamaica, January 30th 1851, and baptized at the same place, June 22 1851, by the Rev Richard Harding

4. James Brock, born at Egham, Surrey, England, November 8 1852, and baptized on Englefield Green, parish of Egham, July 30 1854, by the Rev George Savery

Truly extracted from an original Family Register (authenticated by the signatures of the officiating Ministers aforesaid) now in my possession, by me,
John Grange Manly
Dublin, April 8 1856

Mem Mrs Sarah Rebecca Manly, daughter of James Betly and Mary (McDermot) Betly his wife, of Crescent Park, parish of St Anne, Jamaica.
J G Manly
Pastor of the Church in Zion Chapel
Dublin, April 8 1856

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